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J.B. Mauney was wincing in pain as the medical staff loaded him into a nearby ambulance on Friday afternoon.

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Bull rider J.B. Mauney (2)


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(Video) The Best Bull Rider of All Time: J.B. Mauney

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But according to Dr. Ralph Strother, the on-site Canadian Professional Rodeo Sport Medicine doctor, he was coherent, stable, talking, alert and recognized his wife, Samantha Lyne.

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(Video) J.B. Mauney Has Conquered Them All: Bushwacker. Bruiser. Pearl Harbor. Percolator.
Bull rider J.B. Mauney "fortunate" after wreck Back to video

And, if you ask anyone in the sport of bull riding, Mauney was also extremely lucky.

Bull rider J.B. Mauney (3)

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The 30-year-old from Statesville, N.C., dislocated his shoulder after getting caught under a Corey & Horst bull named Cowahbunga, which he rode to a first-place 90.5-point ride. After staying on for the full eight-seconds, Mauney was bucked off and fell underneath the bull, appearing to hit his head on the ground and looked to have been stepped on by the bull.

“We travel to all the rodeos, and the first thing we want is for them to ride safely and go home to their families,” Strother said. “But from the standpoint of the injury, it appears to be one arm only. So as far as it relates to having an injury of the severity he has, he’s doing really well.

“He’s fortunate.”

The whole incident provided a few scary moments during Friday’s Pool B action at the Calgary Stampede, especially when it appeared Mauney wasn’t moving.

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“I’ve seen JB in wrecks that he’s been able to get up and walk away from,” said fellow bull rider Tanner Byrne. “You know it’s bad when they have to take him out on the stretcher.
“We’re hoping and praying that he’s OK, and I know he’s as tough as they get, so I’m sure he’ll be OK.”

Strother reported that Mauney’s dislocated shoulder was put back into place before being transported in an ambulance to the hospital. Strother couldn’t confirm if it was the fall or the result of the bull stepping on Mauney that injured his shoulder.

(Video) J.B. Mauney's $7,000,000 Ride | 2016

“When we got to him, he was speaking and was very cooperative,” Strother said. “He knows us well, and we develop a long-term relationship with the athletes. I know him particularly well.
“He was coherent and making sense throughout the entire process.”

Mauney, one of the most technical athletes in the sport, is currently sitting sixth in the PBR standings and won the Calgary Stampede in 2013 and ’09.

Friday’s ride was the top score of the Stampede this week — in both pools — giving him a total of $15,000 in the aggregate and would give him an automatic pass into Sunday’s championship round.

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“It probably could have been 93 or 94 points,” Byrne said of the performance. “That bull was moving and going, and (Mauney) was having to lay his body on the line every jump of the way. When the whistle blew, he was just at the point when he was trying with everything he had, and it just threw him underneath, and he got into a bad spot that comes with laying it all out there to get to the whistle.

“That’s what JB is all about.”

Byrne put things into perspective, explaining just how well-respected Mauney is among his peers.

“JB is the best in the world,” Mauney said. “There’s no comparison beside him. Watching video and being a bull riding connoisseur my whole life, he’s the best I’ve ever seen (with) his stats and the amount of unridden bulls he’s stayed on. When you see your idol or your hero go down, it obviously puts a toll on you.

“We’re hoping he’s alright and can keep rolling at some point.”


Byrne, a Prince Albert, Sask., native is headed into Sunday’s finals after cashing in $12,500 after four days of work … Jacobs Crawley of Boerne, Texas, scored an 88 aboard Cow Camp in Friday’s saddle bronc event. Crawley, Cody DeMoss of Heflin, La. ($15,000), Sterling Crawley of Stephenville, Texas ($13,500), and Zeke Thurston of Big Valley, Alta. ($10,000) are all moving onto Sunday’s finals … Timber Moore’s 6.9-second run in tie-down roping was the top time of the day. With $13,500 in aggregate earnings, the Aubrey, Texas, native is off to the finals along with Caleb Smidt of Belleville, Texas($15,000), Matt Shiozawa of Chubbuck, Idaho ($15,000), and Fred Whitfield of Hockley, Texas ($8,000) … In steer wrestling, it’s JD Struxness of Milan, Minn. ($12,000), Stockton Graves of Alva, Okla. ($11,500), Seth Brockman of Wheatland, Wyo. ($9,000), and Cody Cassidy of Donalda ($7,500) advancing … Tiany Schuster set a new infield record with a 16.99-second trip around the barrels. The Krum, Texas, resident has cashed in $11,750 and is off to the finals with Lisa Lockhart of Oelrichs, SD ($15,000), Sherry Cervi of Marana, Ariz. ($12,500), and Stevi Hillman of Weatherford, Texas ($10,500).




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(Video) No Regrets: JB Mauney

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(Video) 2023 PBR UTB World Finals Championship Round Recap

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What's going on with JB Mooney? ›

Mauney has been through an ordeal with his groin injury. He originally got hurt back in December 2021 at the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) when he got bucked off a bull and was hit in the head, knocking him out.

Who is the richest bull rider? ›

It is pretty safe to say Pacheco stands among the greatest bull riders in history. Two-time World Champion J.B. Mauney – the richest bull rider in history with more than $7 million in career earnings – remembers this kid from Brazil refusing to back down from him during his 2015 title season.

Is JB Mauney the best bull rider in the world? ›

Mauney is considered one of the greatest bull riders of his generation. J.B.

Why did JB Mauney quit PBR? ›

He said in an interview with PBR.com that he wanted his fans to be aware of how he was feeling following a wreck that led to him injuring his back. Mauney continued by saying that he would decide when to quit his career on his profession. He claimed he still thought he could ride them at the time.

Is JB riding in 2023? ›

The American Rodeo

JB Mauney returned from injury last night to make his 2023 debut. But will the inaugural American Rodeo bull riding champ add another $1 Million payday to his resume?

What happened to JB Mauney 2023? ›

Moments before the start the bull bucked Mauney into the metal chute. The hit knocked Mauney unconscious in the chute. Medical teams checked Mauney and he was able to walk away from the rodeo. Mauney is scheduled to be at the 2023 San Angelo Rodeo early next month.

What famous bull rider was killed by a bull? ›

Death. On July 30, 1989, at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming, after completing a successful 85-point ride on a Brahma bull named Takin' Care of Business, who was owned by Bad Company Rodeo, Frost dismounted and landed in the mud.

How much do bull clowns get paid? ›

According to JobMonkey.com, the pay for rodeo clowns ranges from ​$100​ to ​$500​ per event; full-time clowns may make anywhere between ​$40,000​ and ​$90,000​ per year. Those working 60 to 100 events a year earn an average annual salary of ​$50,000​.

Who is the number 1 bull rider in the USA? ›

2023 Unleash The Beast Standings
PlaceRiderBull Atmpt/Ridden
1Rafael Jose de Brito84 / 27
2Jose Vitor Leme71 / 44
3Kaique Pacheco98 / 46
4Wingson Henrique da Silva73 / 23
57 more rows

Who is the most famous bull in PBR history? ›

Little Yellow Jacket

He had all the tools, and used them all. He didn't depend on overpowering riders, he had speed, spin and a ton of athleticism. He's one of the most famous bulls ever to compete in the PBR, and deservedly so. He was ridden 15 times in his career for an average score of right at 93 points.

Has anyone rode all 10 bulls at NFR? ›

Jim Sharp makes NFR history by becoming the first bull rider to ride all 10 bulls. He sets the NFR record for the aggregate (771 points on 10 head), en route to his first world title.

Who is the best bull rider in history? ›

Who has won the most bull riding championships? Don Gay currently holds the record for the cowboy with the most Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Bull Riding World Champion titles. During his career, Don Gay won eight bull riding world titles.

What happens to PBR bulls when they retire? ›

Once they retire from competition, they become sires of the bucking bull breed and make more bucking babies. Not only is PBR a fantastic production, but it really keeps the safety of riders and bulls at the top.

Why did JB Mauney stop wearing a helmet? ›

Why don't you wear a helmet anymore? That helmet made me feel like I couldn't control my head as good, and as soon as I took it off last year, I went to riding good. I felt a lot better.

Did anyone ever ride Bushwacker? ›

His notoriety was cemented during a PBR-record streak of 42 consecutive buckoffs, and 56 buckoffs in all levels of competition. It started after being ridden by Thiago Paguioto, and after that, no one would stay on him again until August 2013, when J.B.

Where is JB Mauney ranked? ›

2021: Finished 12th in the world standings with $146,466.

How much money has JB Mauney made riding bulls? ›

Some of the highest paid bull riders of all time and their money earned over their career include: J.B. Mauney - $7.4 million total.

Who sponsors JB Mauney? ›

JB Mauney on Instagram: “Sure glad to have some badass sponsors! @monsterenergy @traegergrills @yeti #builtforthewild”

Why hasn't JB Mauney been to the NFR? ›

Mauney hasn't competed since failing to register a score on Big Rafter's Resistol's Cliff Hanger in Round 10 of the 2021 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Teton Ridge, Dec.

Who is JB Mauney married to now? ›

Did JB Mauney make it to the NFR this year? ›

After getting on just 18 bulls in 2022 and riding only three of them, JB Mauney looks much more like the guy who made the 2021 NFR in 2023.

Who was killed by Bodacious? ›

Hedeman did what riders are supposed to do: he leaned high over the bull's shoulders and flung his arm back as a counterbalance. But just as he came forward, Bodacious threw his head back—smashing it square into Hedeman's face.

Who was the baddest bull? ›

The #J31 Bodacious

Not only was he considered the most dangerous bull, he is also regarded as the greatest ever bull which bucked. He was a Professional Bull Riders World Champion buck in '94 and '95 and he also won the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association's Bucking Bull of the Year Award.

Who is the girl that killed bull rider? ›

Lashawn Denise Bagley, 22, was arrested in Fort Bend County for the shooting death of bull rider Ouncie Mitchell, who died in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Are there any female rodeo clowns? ›

Dixie was inducted to the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 1982; the National Cowboy Symposium in Lubbock, Texas, named her Pioneer Woman of the Year in 2004. She is the only woman Rodeo Clown in professional rodeo that clowned for 12 years.

How much do female clowns make? ›

The average Clown salary in the United States is $63,576 as of May 01, 2023, but the salary range typically falls between $49,541 and $78,207. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

What do NFR bullfighters get paid? ›

This amount includes guaranteed prize money of $1.2 million for all NFR qualifiers and $9,700,098 in competition prize money. Based on the updated purse in 2022, the increase will see round winners take home $28,914 per round and average winners earn $74,150.

Which country is best at bull riding? ›

All told, Brazilians have won 11 world titles in the PBR's 27 years, with José Vitor Leme claiming the 2020 crown. As of late July, eight of the top 15 riders were Brazilian, including Alves.

Has any bull rider got a 100? ›

If you think it doesn't seem that tough, we'll leave you with this note: Wade Leslie is the only bull rider in history to score a perfect 100 when he rode Wolfman back in 1991.

Who was the very first bull rider? ›

The sport of bull riding is not credited with having a singular inventor but rather a group of individuals are given the credit. Mexican ranch hands and farmers were the first to start the earliest forms of bull riding and are given credit with inventing the sport.

Who rode Bodacious for 8 seconds? ›

Bodacious will forever be linked to the career of bull rider Tuff Hedeman. Bodacious already had a reputation when he and Hedeman faced off in 1993. After failing to ride him the required 8 seconds on two occasions, Hedeman rode Bodacious for a masterful, near perfect 95 points in November 1993.

What bull was never ridden? ›

Red Rock is one of rodeo's most famous bulls because in the 309 outs during his PRCA career between 1983 and 1987, he was never ridden a single time.

How much is Bodacious bull worth? ›

"He's been real polite staying in the pen." Sumner bought Bodacious for $700 years ago and sold him to Sammy Andrews for $7,500 in 1992. Today, Sumner estimates the bull to be worth more than $30,000.

Who rode the bulls in the longest ride? ›

Four current BFTS bull riders acted as stunt doubles for Eastwood: Bonner Bolton, Josh Faircloth, Markus Mariluch and Billy Robinson. Eastwood's doubles had to ride a real, top-ranked PBR bull named Rango, who was also named Rango in the movie.

Which bull rider got hurt at the NFR? ›

Bull Rider Reid Oftedahl was injured in Round 2 and was admitted to the ICU at UMC Trauma Center. He was diagnosed with a Grade 3 Diffuse Axonal Injury and a C7 cervical vertebrae fracture. Oftedahl spent 13 days in the hospital in Las Vegas before being discharged and transported to a rehab facility in Arizona.

Who has rode the most bulls in a row? ›

That was not good enough for George because entering the 1968 NFR George had done what no other bull rider had ever done. George had successfully ridden 79 bulls in a row.

Who is the highest paid rodeo cowboy? ›

Who is the richest rodeo cowboy in the world? The richest rodeo cowboy in the world is Trevor Brazile. Brazile has earned a whopping $6,934,998 from his success in rodeo competitions. The amount he's earned is nearly double that of the next-closest competitor.

Who has won the most all around cowboy titles? ›

Trevor Brazile always knew that he wanted to be known as a great All-Around Cowboy. After 26 World Titles, it seems that he has accomplished that goal. Since the time he was a young boy, he had a rope in his hand. He practiced at every opportunity he could get, even roping the babysitter's cat.

How much money does a professional bull rider make? ›

Bull rider earnings can greatly vary due to the level of talent within the sport. On average, amateur bull riders make around $15,000 per year, whereas top professional riders can make around $190,000 per year. Though, top bull riders can make far more due to their popularity, talent, and brand partnerships.

What happened to Jerome Davis? ›

Jerome “Danger” Davis' life as a bull rider was forever changed in less than 8 seconds. Tragedy struck on March 14, 1998. During a routine contest, Davis was bucked from a bull named “Knock 'em out John” and suffered a broken neck. The injury left him paralyzed from the chest down.

How much do bullfighters make in the PBR? ›

Those working 60 to 100 events a year earn an average annual salary of ​$50,000​. For purposes of comparison, Salary.com reports that rodeo clowns earned an average annual salary of ​$63,826​ as January 2022, with salaries generally ranging between ​$54,897​ and ​$74,837​ per year.

Is Jess Lockwood still riding Bulls? ›

After spending several months recovering from injuries, Lockwood made his return to bull riding during the eighth event of the 2023 PBR Unleash the Beast Series season in Duluth, Georgia. He rode Spotted Rust for 88.25 points and tied with Smithville, Missouri's Koltin Hevalow for the Round 1 win.

Who did JB Mauney marry? ›

Why is bull rider Jerome Davis in a wheelchair? ›

On March 14, 1998, in Fort Worth, Texas, Davis was paralyzed from the chest down after being thrown from a bull. He returned home to Archdale and continues to run the Davis Ranch and his bucking bull and rodeo business.

How much is Jerome Davis worth? ›

The estimated net worth of Jerome L Davis is at least $4 Million dollars as of 2023-05-23. Jerome L Davis is the Director of GameStop Corp and owns about 157,144 shares of GameStop Corp (GME) stock worth over $4 Million.

What happened to Jerome that caused him to be paralyzed? ›

Soon after placing second in the swimming competition, Jerome was involved in a car accident. He was struck by a car while he himself was not in one. He became paralyzed from the waist down and was confined to life in a wheelchair.

What is the biggest PBR payout? ›

The PBR World Finals is considered the richest bull riding event in the world. It features a more than $2.7 million purse, including a $1 million bonus to the PBR World Champion.

Has there ever been a 100 point bull ride? ›

Wade Leslie is said to be the only bull rider ever to score a perfect 100 and that was in 1991.

Are there any female PBR bull riders? ›

BELL COUNTY, Texas — The Women's Bull Riding Organization, or WBRO, was created by women for women to give them the chance to compete nationally at a professional level. Texas native Catalina Langlitz is the 2021 WBRO World Champion.

Is Stetson Lawrence still riding bulls? ›

The locker room will be different without these two in it. Fabiano Vieira and Stetson Lawrence take their final bow at the 2022 PBR World Finals.

How old are bulls in bull riding? ›

Bulls are viewed as athletes. They usually are started in their bucking career at the age of two or three, reach their athletic prime at age five or six, and if they remain healthy, can continue bucking at least until the age of 10, sometimes longer.

Is Stetson Wright married? ›

Single … Parents, Cody and ShaRee Wright, brothers Rusty, Ryder and Statler, sister, Lily …


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