The Luke Branquinho Show (2023)

Episode 502: Royd Doyal | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:21:32 94688368571 d5a5e472-e45d-4507-92a2-02af428eab57

Bull Ride and Bareback Champion turned Rodeo Judge, Royd Doyal joins Luke today on his show. They talk about how the industry has changed for the better. @lukebranquinho #lukebranquinho @royddoyal #royddoyal @cattaneobros #cattaneobros

May 16, 2023

Episode 501: Bobby Mote | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:23:12 94688368572 6a0fa959-4219-422e-954f-026a609cf8db

4 Time World Bareback Champion and President of the WCRA, Bobby Mote, joins Luke today. They talk about the importance of the WCRA and the importance of instant replay. #lukebranquinho @lukebranquinho @bobbymote4x #bobbymote4x @cattaneobros #cattaneobros

May 09, 2023

Episode 406: Hali Williams | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:40:29 94688368573 fae57bcf-ff75-4226-b412-90363ebb0a56

Team and Breakaway Roper, Hali Williams and her dad Speed join Luke on the show. They share great stories about Speed's career, why he gave up regularly competing and how he's passing his knowledge down to Hali. #lukebranquinho @lukebranquinho @hali_williams #hali_williams

May 02, 2023

Episode 405: Jeff Medders | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:28:35 94688368574 02809d36-6fd4-455c-8091-b80f227218a2

Jeff Medders is no stranger to the cowboy way of life. He's been the host of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for more than 2 decades. Luke sits down with Jeff to talk about how rodeo has evolved over the years. #lukebranquinho @lukebranquinh @jeff_medders #jeffmedders

Apr 25, 2023

Episode 404: Coleman Proctor | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:29:02 94688368575 cdd75af0-5576-4e31-baba-84045c175685

Luke is "Robin" to his "Batman." Steer Roping and Team Roping champion and NFR Purina co-host, Coleman Proctor stops by the Luke Branquinho Show. They talk about what the landscape looks like as a team roper and their favorite karaoke songs. @proctorcoleman
#proctorcoleman #lukebranquinho @lukebranquinho #allforrodeo

Apr 19, 2023

Episode 403: Hailey Kinsel Part 2 | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:27:28 94688368576 bf050a3e-b562-48df-966c-e4322171174b

Couldn't get enough of Hailey Kinsel? Neither could we! We continue our conversation with Luke's "best friend". Hailey talks about how she selects which rodeo she is going to run with her beloved Sister and Brother. @haileykinsel #haileykinsel #lukebranquinho @lukebranquinho. #allforrodeo @butcher_box @YETI

Apr 05, 2023

Episode 402: Hailey Kinsel | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:28:15 94688368577 7c7383f1-1222-4e50-a9eb-4db7dc62d8aa

World Barrel Racing Champion, Hailey Kinsel, joins Luke on today's episode. In between laughs, they talk about Hailey's training, her strategy on what rodeos to attend and her love of her horses.

Mar 28, 2023

Episode 401: Jackie Crawford | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:27:55 94688368578 523b3b71-564a-4b2d-9826-f6490329a9bd

Luke stops by Jackie Crawford's barn to catch up with the 20 time world champion. The breakaway roping champ sits down with Luke to talk about The American, roping while pregnant and the pressures of social media.

Mar 22, 2023

Episode 306: Mark Gomes | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:23:58 94688368579 0cabd1d3-3b5c-45eb-b695-f2e8376211cc

Bareback bronc rider Mark Gomes joins Luke this week. He talks about how much the rodeo industry has changed for the better.

Mar 21, 2023

Episode 305: Justin Melnick | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:24:31 94688368580 8eec9bca-46ed-40ab-9c74-91e0d3595d44

He plays a Navy Seal on the CBS show SEAL TEAM but what Justin Melnick really loves is being a rancher. He sits down with Luke to talk about how they met and his western way of life

Mar 02, 2023

Episode 304: Dr. Lonnie Empey | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:24:54 94688368581 daf3352a-66cc-4bf1-9cdd-08327de719d0

He's been treating rodeo cowboys for more than 20 years. Today, Luke reveals how Dr. Lonnie Empey helped him win a National Championship. They talk cold plunges, stem cells and how he keeps a rodeo cowboy healthy for 10 nights at the NFR.

Feb 21, 2023

Episode 303: Rocker Steiner | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:21:39 94688368582 77b8be1d-4571-44f9-a2a0-858770534181

He comes from a long line of rodeo cowboys. Today, Luke sits down with Bareback rider, Rocker Steiner, to talk injuries, fines and family.

Feb 14, 2023

Episode 302: Dale Brisby | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:26:47 94688368583 2f55e19b-9086-44ee-a4b7-eef09aa6d981

Your mom's favorite bull rider, Dale Brisby, checks in with Luke this week. He talks about his own show, Rodeo Time, his love for the outdoors and how his faith carries him through any hard time.

Feb 14, 2023

Episode 301: Luke & Lindsay/Dougie Hall | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:34:32 94688368584 998611ec-b1e3-4335-b9fe-9955523f14b6

On today's show: Luke and Lindsay sit down and dish about how they first met, what it was like rodeoing and dating, and what keeps their love going strong. @boot_barn_official give the couple a little boost for today's episode. Also, Dougie Hall is a rodeo cowboy who also found a way to spread positivity through social media. Luke talks to Dougie about this calling and what he's up to in the rodeo world.

Jan 31, 2023

Episode 205: Rodeo Wives/The Luke Branquinho Show

00:17:36 94688368585 f5b58cee-2cb4-4714-9007-04b08fe6bdb0

It takes a village for a rodeo cowboy to be successful. Luke sits down with Lindsay and other rodeo wives to learn more about their lives when their spouses are on the road!

Jan 18, 2023

Episode 204: Jenna Paulette

00:24:16 94688368586 36209ac4-e0c9-4381-8953-eb3fe6d1991a

Country singer Jenna Paulette drops by for a special Luke Branquinho Show. The Texas native shares her guide to living in the Lone Star State with both Luke and Lindsay and her love of all things country.

Jan 10, 2023

Episode 203: Rumpchat | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:18:11 94688368587 7ae354da-ca00-4fa1-a490-ad577fb759a8

Justin Rumford is all things rodeo, former professional steer wrestler, 10 time PCRA Rodeo Clown of the year and now a comedy podcast host. He teamed up with great friend Josh "Hambone" Hilton to start the show. Luke catches up with them at the NFR to hear some hilarious stories about their rodeo experiences.

Dec 27, 2022

Episode 202: Steer Wrestlers Tyler Pearson & Kyle Irwin | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:14:02 94688368588 bf2c8e55-8d1f-4793-9959-0ec483081a82

Luke knows a thing or two about today's guests. Steer Wrestlers and friends, Kyle Irwin and Tyler Pearson sit down with Luke to talk about how the sport has changed over the years. @tylerpearson0309 @kyleirwin15 @LukeBranquinho #steerwrestlers

Dec 27, 2022

Episode 201: 201 RC Landingham & Kyler and Tyler

00:17:03 94688368589 5b58a5d9-3597-4450-80da-51c57aa64f67

In a special WCRA sponsored episode of the Like Branquinho Show, Luke hangs with bareback rider RC Landingham as he gears up for the WCRA Cowtown Christmas Championship Rodeo, starting December 14. RC has $1M on the line!

Dec 15, 2022

Episode 6: Amberley Snyder, Jackie Weaver, Matthew Rhys | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:31:03 94688368590 784455fc-c2ea-4e69-98e6-c8f04745a291

It takes grit and hard work to be a 5-time steer wrestling world champion. But even the best need help talking to and connecting with animals. Luke sits down with the horse psychic he used while competing, Jackie Weaver. He also checks in with others who believe in the method, like Amberley Snyder - a professional barrel racer, social influencer, motivational speaker, writer, and actor.

Dec 11, 2022

Episode 5: Jess Lockwood & Shane Hanchey | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:20:30 94688368591 b5405129-c3ce-482e-a488-4095537b40c0

Rodeoin' is not for the faint of heart. Luke talks with Jess Lockwood, the youngest 2-time PBR world champion bull rider, and Shane Hanchey, world champion calf roper, on what it takes to pursue their love of the sport.

Dec 11, 2022

Episode 4: JB Mauney, Paige Lawrence, & Sage Kimzey | The Luke Branquinho Show

00:24:11 94688368592 389f5661-6c55-4b43-a305-43f038afcc5f

THE MENTAL GAME: Luke discusses the mental game, the necessary prep for events, and how to overcome challenges with JB Mauney, Sage Kimzey, and Paige Lawrence. Paige is a former Olympic ice skater, high-performance coach, and she knows what it takes to be under pressure.

Dec 11, 2022

The Luke Branquinho Show Episode 3

00:19:43 94688368593 14093a5c-fc71-4f46-afb9-e1d2fdabdcce

Luke talks to Matthew and Bonnie Jill about Western Lifestyle and how Hollywood is dong a great job in bringing it back in a big way.

Nov 02, 2022

The Luke Branquinho Show Episode 2

00:20:34 94688368594 8add62fa-0339-4d8b-900c-4f2414ce9f90

Luke talks to Sage Kimzey, seven-time PRCA Bull Riding World Champion, about fame and pressure. Then he catches up with Casey Lane about the PBR team series and chats with Kate Harrison, the first female play-by-play announcer in the PBR.

Oct 26, 2022

The Luke Branquinho Show Episode 1

00:21:05 94688368595 a9c9ff8a-a73f-4a01-9ea0-2cdcf6a825ad

It's the PREMIERE episode of The Luke Branquinho Show podcast! Featuring JB Mauney, Richie Champion and Mike Rich. Injuries are an every day thing in rodeo. Luke talks to JB and Richie about the nitty gritty, then gets some good stories from rodeo doc Mike Rich.

Oct 26, 2022
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