1. Seamoss is Understood to contain 92 Trace Minerals

Sea Moss has so many amazing benefits. It contains 92 of the 110 minerals our bodies need. But why is this important? Most foods are depleted in minerals by the time we consume them. When your body is lacking the minerals and vitamins it needs, there begin to be malfunctions. Ranging from thyroid issues, mental disorders, stomach problems, lung issues, hair, skin, and nail issues, and so many more. So by consuming sea moss, you're replenishing your body with all the minerals that it is missing. This is putting your body back into balance. It is popularly believed that seamoss holds a staggering 92 trace minerals that are found in the human body.

2. Eating Seamoss Helps to Promote a Healthy Thyroid

In multiple articles here we have touched upon the topic of a healthy functioning thyroid.

Your thyroid gland has what is best described as a butterfly-shape to it. It is found at the base of the throat. This gland has a very important part to play when it comes to the management of hormones.

The two main hormones the thyroid is responsible for managing are Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine. These are constructed with 3 or 4 iodine atoms per molecule. The iodine from seaweed is critical in helping to support effective thyroid function.

It is in the mixing of iodine which had been absorbed by the thyroid with tyrosine (amino acid) that makes Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine. The thyroids is responsible for supporting and maintaining healthy and effective function in the:

Digestive system
Cholesterol levels
Brain, mood and hormone balance
Muscle control
Reproductive organs
Nervous system
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), also known as Metabolism
A healthy functioning thyroid is also necessary for the development of unborn children, and is liked to weight management. When your thyroid is not supported there is the risk of hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid) or hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid).

Thyroid disorders that are left untreated can develop into more complicated issues including autoimmune diseases. If you hadn’t guessed, in most cases where people suffer from thyroid problems these are typically to an iodine deficiency.

It is in the iodine content found in seamoss that there is a solution. Iodine can be considered a food source for your thyroid. Making seaweed a part of your daily diet will do much to support having a healthy and functioning thyroid. This is key to improving your overall health.

Like all other medical related information we discuss here, it is important that you seek advice from your Dietitian before making any diet changes. If you believe that your thyroid function may not be healthy, seek advice from your Dietitian for your specific circumstances.

3. Eating Seaweed Supports a Healthy Heart

Did you know that seamoss is a reliable source of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids? A short list of these include:

Folic acid
Vitamin D
Magnesium, and
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
That’s just a peek at the powerhouse that seamoss is when it comes to supporting heart health. With a consistent supply of these you could notice effects such as:

The boosting of blood flow and improved circulation, which helps to control and regulate blood pressure
Building stronger blood vessels and greatly slowing their deterioration
Increasing oxygen saturation in the blood which is critical for a healthy body all around
Reducing the build up of bad cholesterol that results in the blood vessels being clogged with flow choking fatty linings, and
Fighting free radicals through strong antioxidant properties which helps to prevent organ oxidization
All key components to the reduction of the risks associated with heart disease.

4. Seamoss is Great for Supporting Healthy Immune System Functions

Your immune system requires more than just vitamins and minerals to be effectively supported. One of the other amazing benefits of seamoss is what it brings to help do this. Seamoss possesses properties including it being:

Anticoagulant, and
The probiotic properties of seamoss are great for gut health, which supports a healthy immune system. If you are struggling with an illness the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties help with a quick recovery. Seamoss fights infection, and has a long history of doing this.

Used to help with treating sore throats, chest coughs, tuberculosis, bronchial infections and pneumonia, seamoss is the unquestionable go to for many. In the past I’ve doubled down on my dosage if I felt like my throat was a bit scratchy after a flight, and it’s helped immensely.

I now load up beforehand and have found that I don’t suffer from the coughs and sniffles of others on the plane afterwards. On top of these properties found in seamoss it is also great at expelling mucus. By clearing this gunk out of your system you’ll begin to feel better much quicker.

5. Promoting Good Digestion with Seamoss

When I first started using seamoss I had underestimated the value if the mucilaginous properties of the gel. Very soon into my journey this benefit of seamoss being a part of my diet was made known to me in my:

Improved digestion
Reduction of foggy brain
Better sleeping
Easier and more regular bowel movements
Feeling more energetic, and
Feeling lighter and cleaner
How this works is that seamoss helps by lining the digestive system (the intestine) with probiotics.

This is going to sound a little ‘off’ for some people, so I apologize in advance, however, you need to know this. When you first start using seamoss you may feel like you could poop yourself when you go to bed. This is not going to happen if you’ve had a bowel movement before bed. This sensation passes after a couple of nights.

The best way I can describe what is going on here is that the mucilaginous properties of the seamoss gel give the bowels a slippery, almost soapy lining. This soft jelly-like texture helps any excrement moving through your body to pass easily.

The anti-inflammatory properties are great for an irritated bowel and helping to heal gut related issues. Swelling, inflammation and discomfort have been reported to greatly reduce when seamoss gel is regularly consumed.

This is great news for those who suffer from leakey gut, ulcers, gastritis, indigestion, and constipation. Seamoss also helps good gut bacteria thrive as it makes for a great food source. Containing fiber it is also able to help support healthy digestive function.

Great for supporting a detox, seamoss is also very effective at drawing out toxins and heavy metals. It’s a great compliment to a fasting

6. Seamoss Helps to Improve your Metabolism

The metabolism is a chemical reaction that happens within the body. This is the process of breaking down of foods and distribution of nutrients to the cells. The metabolism converts food into energy and distributes the nutrients to the cells. The cells then use the nutrients as building blocks.

It then distributes the vitamins and minerals to the cells to help the body function efficiently. This includes the anatomy for the body’s respiratory, and reproductive, peripheral nervous and central nervous systems, regulating blood flow, organ function.

After the metabolism and distributed all the useful nutrient to the cells, then it converts the remaining or excess food into waste for elimination. As mentioned in how seamoss benefits the thyroid, it also plays a part in the BMR which affects how well the body processes calories, which ultimately impacts an individual’s

7. Seamoss Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

With the improvement to the metabolism, also comes healthy weight management. Fucoxanthin naturally occurs in some seaweed. It is an organic pigment called carotenoid. The naturally derived plant based Fucoxanthin which prevents the growth of fatty tissues and reduces abdominal fat.

More research is being done to investigate the fat burning properties of Fucoxanthin found in seaweed. It is believed that Fucoxanthin may help combat obesity.

Additionally, Irish Moss is an appetite suppressant and makes you feel fuller for longer. Due to the high mineral content, you may find that you won’t be eating as much food.

A lower calorie intake ultimately leads to weight loss. It may also help to reduce or even eliminate cravings for processed foods, trans (bad) fats, sweet foods, and caffeine.

Baring in mind that if you continue to consume foods and beverages which have been processed, are high in trans fats and sugar, you are less likely to lose weight because of poor choices. The best method for a weight loss is consuming a whole food plant based diet and increasing your physical activity.

8. Seamoss for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

Your skin is the bodies largest organ, so let’s show it some love. The skin is also what is visible to the outside world and we want our skin to look it’s best. Right?

I have been using the gel as part of my skincare regime and I love it. Ever wondered how to make a nutritious skin salve or facemask? It’s so easy… Just add a few drops of essential oils to the Sea Moss Gel.

I have noticed an improvement in my complexion, fewer blemishes, a reduction in fine lines and my skin tone looks much better. I often receive compliments from colleagues, friends, and family on how good my skin looks.

The best topical application for the whole body is an Irish Moss bath. Run a bath to the desired temperature, add a generous amount of Sea Moss Gel with essential oils if desired.

This is great for all kinds of skin conditions. It’s suitable for sensitive skin types, sunburn, acne, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. The skin will absorb all the nutritional benefits the skin needs and start to work its magic.

As a drawing agent, the seamoss draws out toxins and replenishes it with good minerals. The antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammation properties all play their part in healing the skin naturally. No need for scientifically formulated concoctions, just mother nature’s
Full of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, seamoss will also help strengthen the connective tissues in hair and nails. When you are eating seaweed everyday, the minerals are absorbed from the inside out.

All these benefits enhance the matrix in the hair, skin, and nails will start to regenerate from the inside out.

9. Seamoss for a Post Workout Recovery

Seamoss is made up of collagen proteins which strengthen and repairs the connective tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties of seamoss help the body recover quickly after a workout.

No matter what your fitness level is, from beginner to professional athlete, sea moss provides many benefits. From post work out recovery to replace the minerals that you need to perform your activities.

If you experience joint and or muscle pain, it will also provide relief and lubricate the joints.

From a fitness perspective, a plant based diet does not mean that you’ll be some scrawny ten pound weakling.

Seamoss is a great addition to any Vegan diet and can help you on your journey to health, wellness, and getting ripped – if that’s your things

10. Libido function

As we’ve already discussed, the primary benefits of seamoss are due to all the minerals and nutrients it contains. Zinc is one of the minerals recommended for a healthy reproductive system.Sea moss grows naturally in sea waters along rocky coasts, Common sea moss is a red seaweed, though it can grow in different colors as well, depending on factors such as the local climate and water
Sea Moss ,
Containing a great amount of zinc and other vital mineral nutrients, the moss is crucial for reproductive health. It increases the sex drive and circulation within the body, especially to the reproductive organs. For men and women having low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low stamina, and other abnormalities, they must increase the intake of sea moss gel in foods.

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